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Because Details Matter

Chrysalis Homes was founded on the promise of neighborhood, the charm of timeless of design, and the pride of a job well crafted. Our wide range of new construction and renovation services have been curated with the client at the forefront, designed to guide you on an exciting journey that will lead you to your home. Through every step of the design-build process, our decisions are driven by local real estate knowledge, an understanding of our clients’ vision, respect for history, and an unwavering dedication to quality.

Our mission is to revitalize community, honor tradition, and transform houses into homes. We know that hard work can create magic—and that true craftsmanship is not only something you see, but something you feel. When you enter a Chrysalis home, you will know it is unmistakably ours, with thoughtful consideration for details that delight and design that enhances the art of living.

Mike Smith

Contractor and lead designer

With a background in commercial and residential construction, Mike first began renovating homes as a hobby that quickly transformed into a passion. Driven by the creative process, and by the opportunity to deliver meaningful experiences and homes to clients, Mike eventually set off on his own and founded Chrysalis Homes as his full-time profession.

Mike treats every property and renovation as if he and his family were going to live there themselves. With a deep respect for the area's local history and enduring neighborhoods, he designs his homes to fit seamlessly into the local communitywith color palates, architectural style, finishes, and a painstaking attention to detail that ensures each Chrysalis Home honors what came before while making room for what's captivating and new.


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